Personal Manifesto

For years, I have had a list of New Year’s resolutions pinned up near my desk. By mid-February the simple numbered list gets lost behind more flashy flyers. To keep me looking at my resolutions, goals or whatever you want to call them, I found some personal manifestos created in a more visual format with various fonts. I decided to give it a try. Creating it was a fun way to meditate on my current goals!



It was created in Photoshop but could easily be created in Word or PowerPoint.

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  • hey, kelly! i couldn’t help but chuckle a bit when i read your ‘bio/about’ page on here. soooo funny. i can relate… i love chewing gum, too– and i think it’s hilarious that i have also been told by my dentist that my teeth are worn. worn to an extreme measure. i still chew gum, tho. and, i have a mouth guard for night sleeping, but it’s never there in the morning– but on the floor. LOL! at any rate, i like your blogs– keep them coming!

    melani 🙂

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