First Grade Homeschool Plan

You can find the first grade homeschool plan here!

Tiny Change is Easy

It seems like it is difficult to deal with change. But in reality we are dealing with change all of the time. It’s a slow steady change that we do not acknowledge. Tiny shifts in our lives that go unnoticed day after day. If we were to suddenly be faced with our lives two years […]

Second Grade Homeschool Plan

  You can find the second grade homeschool plan here!

Kale, Chaos and Kids

The reason I have an overwhelming amount of kale right now is because I was impatient. I planted more kale plants than I could possible need because I wanted to make sure that the first harvest was more than a mouthful. If you plant enough kale plants in the beginning then the first tiny leaves […]

We are dichotomous

It’s hard to admit that we can be two different people all of the time. We can eat meat and worship our pets. We can love our relatives who don’t deserve it and hate unknown people who don’t. We can live a happy life during the day and at night dream of one that is […]

Kindergarten Skills

If you are worried that your child will lose a lot of knowledge over the summer between kindergarten and first grade you should give this handy PDF a try!  

Personal Manifesto

For years, I have had a list of New Year’s resolutions pinned up near my desk. By mid-February the simple numbered list gets lost behind more flashy flyers. To keep me looking at my resolutions, goals or whatever you want to call them, I found some personal manifestos created in a more visual format with […]

Midlife Crisis

Age is something we ignore after we turn 21. There are no more exciting birthdays. No joy in getting older after that point. It’s just counting down the years till death. Really! Who says, “Yay! I’m gonna be 40 tomorrow!!” We stop aging on the inside before we turn 30 anyway. We become the age […]