New Year’s Goals

New-Years-Moon-Lady-GraphicsFairy-660x1024There are so many ways to write down your goals, wishes, and ambitions for the coming year. The last two years I went with the one-word resolution. It was helpful for sure but I’m kind of a list person. And I’m kind of a benchmark person. I want to know if I have moved in the right direction. Really moved, not just readjusted the way I judge myself. Sure, judging yourself isn’t really in these days but I have to say I’ve never been that fashionable. So, I may still pick out a single word to use as a reminder or a mantra, but I’m going with something heftier this year. Something meaty. Hmmm, but I really enjoy simplicity. And although I am not elegant myself, I find that I really appreciate the elegance that simplicity brings to a situation. When in doubt – google it.

My online explorations led me in an unexpected way. I was searching for a pretty form (I did find this one) or worksheet to help me narrow my 2016 aspirations into something manageable. It may be true that you can eat an elephant one bite at a time; it just didn’t appear to be an elegant way to start the year. But I did find the personal manifesto! That’s right! A manifesto. I can write a manifesto that is all about me and my goals. The reality is that it sounds better than writing your New Year’s resolutions. What could be better than an elegant list of New Year’s or life resolutions that has a sexy name? I know, right?!

So, I’m off to write my personal manifesto. Go write yours! We can compare notes.

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