Tiny Change is Easy

The Tiny Change Fairy!
The Tiny Change Fairy!

It seems like it is difficult to deal with change. But in reality we are dealing with change all of the time. It’s a slow steady change that we do not acknowledge. Tiny shifts in our lives that go unnoticed day after day. If we were to suddenly be faced with our lives two years ago or five years ago we would quickly realize the tremendous change that has occurred. But since we cannot have a direct comparison to our gradual shift we don’t notice it and sometimes we deny that this change has occurred at all!

Since large changes unsettle our sense of self we try to avoid them. Until we can’t avoid them any longer! My daughter is now an adult and is about to free herself from our oversight. That’s a big change that I can not avoid! After a trial run at school, my son has decided that he will never homeschool again. In a time where big changes are occurring I am forced to acknowledge all of the little changes that have brought us to this point. All of us are growing and changing little by little every day. Until we reach a point where all the change floods us at once and we consider this a big change when really, we have been making our way to this goal for a long time. We are accepting and working towards change every day we just don’t want to admit it.

I am beginning to think that harnessing this daily tiny change is way more useful than trying to jump into the unknown with both feet. Tiny is easy to deal with. Tiny we can keep doing. Tiny is no big deal. Tiny is how we learned to read, how to count and how to dress ourselves. Since these are major accomplishments made by tiny consecutive steps we don’t dwell so long on tiny setbacks. Tiny stumbles aren’t even worth mentioning much less the cause of scrapping the goal all together!

Although I’ve been hit by major changes this year I realize they were a long time coming. They weren’t as major as I thought they were. I’ve been in the process of accepting my children growing up the moment I had them! The major change that has come is the understanding that tiny changes are happening daily. Now that I know this glacial speed is acceptable I can start using it to make my own positive tiny changes. One extra hour a week in the garden. Five less minutes in bed in the morning.

Tiny is easy. Tiny is good. Tiny is how change happens both in ourselves and in the world. Tiny is awesome!

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