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Co-op Class Fall 2018

Fashion has been important for as long as people have had clothes! Check out some of the changing fashions of the 1800s and learn about some of the events and ideas that precipitated changes in what we wore. We will read through a pattern written in 1840 and try our hand with period techniques.

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19th Century Fashion

The Historical Influence of the Industrial Revolution on British Fashion

Fashion History (1700-1900)

The Trouser Crease


Week 1

This week: Intro to clothing in the 1800s

  • For hundreds of years there was little change in clothing. That started to change in the late 17th century.
  • The 19th century is a time of great change.
  • There is a great deal of social change during this time (so many revolutions!) but there are also changes in manufacturing.
  • Combine a change in society, ideas, clothing, politics and we get a rapid change in clothing.

Edwardian/Victorian Lingerie & Corset Historical Dressing Sequence

Learn more! Look up 19th century underwear and see how it compares to our underwear today.


Week 2

This week: Hand sewing

The workwoman’s guide, containing instructions in cutting out and completing articles of wearing apparel, by a lady (free ebook on google) – page 137 Shirts for the Labouring Classes & page 1 A Few General Observations on Needle-Work. We will read over the pattern and look at a shirt made using these directions. We will also try our hand at needle-work!

Learn more! Look up different types of stitches used to make clothing in the 19th century.


Week 3

This week: 1800-1820 (French Revolution, Napoleon is Emperor of France, War of 1812)

1795–1820 in Western fashion

Year Without a Summer

Learn more! Find a video that shows a working cotton gin.


Week 4

This week: 1820-1840 (first fashion magazines, Queen Victoria marries, the first photographs)

HISTORY OF IDEAS – Romanticism

Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32

19th Century Fashion – How To Tell Different Decades Apart?

Age of Revolution

Learn more! Learn about Queen Victoria’s wedding. How are weddings similar today?


Week 5

This week: 1840-1860 (the lock stitch sewing machine, Gold Rush, Women’s suffrage)

Reforming Fashion PDF

How a sewing machine works

How Tuberculosis Shaped Victorian Fashion

How Tuberculosis Symptoms Became Ideals of Beauty in the 19th Century


Pre-Civil War Cotton

Learn more! When did women get the vote? Find out more about women’s suffrage.


Week 6

This week: 1860-1880 (Charles Darwin, Civil War, Transcontinental Railroad)

Corsets, Crinolines, and the Civil War: The Politics of Women’s Fashions

Southern Belle Fashion

Women in the Civil War

Civil War Fashions Videos

Fashion Sense – Or Sensible Fashion?

Learn more! Find a video that shows how a sewing machine works.


Week 7

This week: 1880-1900 (Art Noveau, Sigmund Freud, Spanish-American War)

Art Nouveau

Sigmund Freud

Spanish-American War

The Gilded Age

Child Labor

Charles Darwin

Lewis Hine


Learn more! What are mourning clothes? Search for Victorian mourning clothes to see how clothing was used to honor the dead.