Personal Finance Class

My mind on my money and my money on my mind.

A simple program for teaching personal finance at home or at school! Money Smart for Young People

Project ideas (aim for a five minute presentation)

Credit card vs debit card
Car loan vs lease
What is a 401k
529 vs Student loans
What is identity theft?
CD, money market or savings account
What is the difference between simple and compound interest?
Credit union vs bank
What is a credit report?
My personal budget plan
My future personal budget plan
My personal finance guidelines

1. Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)

a. Why no one talks about money and why we should
b. What is this middle class everyone is talking about
c. Income and retirement statistics for Frederick county, Maryland and the United States

Retirement Calculator

Is $100,000 middle class?

Poverty USA

Are you in the middle class

Middle class in each state

American Middle Class

Why is it hard to talk about money

Why we are afraid to talk about money

Why you should talk about money

Average retirement savings

The state of American retirement


2. She Works Hard for the Money

a. What is money?
b. Would you trade your life for that?
c. Advertising tricks to get you to spend your hard earned $$

What is money?


Your money or your life

Financial Integrity Program

Tricks advertisers use to make you spend money


3. Mo money Mo problems

a. taxes
b. expenses
c. investments
d. swindlers

Understanding Taxes

Why lottery winners go broke

Why NFL players go broke

Types of investments

Top 10 swindlers


4. If I had a $1,000,00

a. If I had a million dollars I would budget it
b. What is a budget
c. How do I make one
d. How I do I stick to it

Budgeting info

Financial Integrity books (The Fulfillment Curve pages came from this book)


5. Just Got Paid

a. How much will I make when I start working

i. Entry level jobs
ii. Raises

b. Where is my money going?

i. Taxes (fed, state, ss)
ii. Insurance (health, life)
iii. Retirement
iv. School loans
v. Debt
vi. Expenses

Entry level jobs

Pay scale and pay bands

Understanding raises

How much will I pay in taxes?

How much will I pay for health insurance?

Retirement calculator

Savings calculator  What if you just saved a $1 a day for the next 50 years at 3% interest?

Student loan calculator

Understanding payday loans

Amortization calculator

Kelly’s budget pages


6. I Need a Dollar

a. What are loans?
b. Interest
c. Mortgage
d. College loans
e. How will I pay this back?

6. Change of plans! This week we are going to work on a practice budget and calculate our taxes, interest rate and balance our check book.

How tax brackets work

Affordable Housing

compound interest formula

Compound Interest Calculator

Paycheck calculator

7. Take the Money and Run

a. What is your money plan? Class discussion


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